What Tractor best suits my needs?

There are many variables that go into finding the right tractor for your needs. Our Sales Associates will be happy to assist with finding the right tractor for your needs. Common questions they will ask are as follows;

What do you want to do with your tractor?
How much land you have to use your tractor?
What equipment will you be attaching or running with the tractor?

With getting these answers our sales associates will be able to fit you with the best tractor to for your needs.

What’s your Finance Program for NEW equipment?

Each company has different finance or cash options available, and they all vary based on model of tractor or equipment. Each program either Cash or Finance have their own set of incentives or rebates available to the customers and a Sales Associate will be happy to assist you with those. When working with a Sales Associate they will present you with either a finance option with an interest rate and term length or cash option OAC for you to find the best fit for your financial needs.

How long should we expect delivery on NEW tractors and/or equipment?

We try to have everything we sell in stock prior to sale, but at times we are unable to do so and there may be a delay in delivery. Wait times for delivery from the manufacturer varies from company to company and can vary from 3 weeks to 3 months. When speaking with a Sales Associate they will let you know if the unit you are interested in is in stock or will there be a delivery time. We do try to make sure that this time is a short as possible and we will do everything we can to make your buying experience a good one.

Is There Financing available for USED Equipment?

There is financing available on used equipment either through Kubota or Carfii OAC. The term or length as well as interest rates available for financing on used equipment vary based on value of unit being purchased as well as age of equipment. Our Sales Associates will be able to help you through this process.

Do you deliver tractors or equipment?

We do offer delivery of tractors or equipment bought at Weagant Farm Supplies Brockville. Please ask a Sales Associate about delivery when purchasing and they will be able to work that out for you. Some tractor models and equipment are subject to a fee and items on certain sales are “As Is, Where Is” and delivery charges will apply.

Is there a warranty on USED Equipment?

Our trained professionals go over each piece of equipment we take in either through a sale or trade, and make sure that it is in “Field Ready Condition”, unless otherwise stated from a sales associate or advertisement. This does not mean that the unit becomes “Like New” but instead that the unit is operational and able to do the task expected. If there is still a factory warranty left on a unit then it will be transferred at no additional charge, and if the tractor is 10 years old or newer then we do offer a 90 day 50/50 powertrain warranty on tractors.

Is there HST on tractors and/or equipment?

The Canadian Government in an attempt to minimize the cash flow problems for farms that has to pay HST out of pocket for the taxes they do not collect on sales. The Government developed a list of agricultural equipment that was “Zero Rated” and HST does not apply. Tractors 60HP on the PTO and above lead the list as well as any attachment and/or equipment attached directly to the tractor that do not alter it from doing its primary intent. For additional information please visit;

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Do you take trades on both NEW and USED equipment?

We accept trades on both NEW and USED equipment. Please contact a Sales Associate and they will gladly assist you with the condition and quality of your trade item as well as give you fair market value on your trade towards a NEW or USED piece of equipment.